My work is focused on designing and executing innovative programs and policies that enable organizations to achieve bold visions. I have experience developing programs and workshops that facilitate creative thinking and unconventional collaboration. I think strategically about communications and develop content to reach targeted audiences. I enjoy creating order out of chaos and launching new ideas.

In recent projects, I have focused on:

More examples of my activities and engagements are detailed below.

EC-MAP Transportation and Power Sector Launch Events

Washington, DC

As a Senior Advisor to the Energy Consumer Market Alignment Project (EC-MAP), I have worked to develop and hone our mission, strategy, content, and outreach efforts. During 2018, we launched two white papers that I authored, focused on how digital technologies are transforming the transportation and power sectors—and how government can evolve to ensure consumers benefit from this transformation.


Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Artist in Residence (AIR) Program

Los Angeles, CA

After hearing a pitch at the LA Cleantech Incubator for a program that would bring together cleantech entrepreneurs and LA-based artists to collaborate on engaging communities around climate change and sustainability, I committed to helping make the idea a reality. Our success in fundraising and executing the program culminated in an exhibit of work created by the three selected artists in residence.

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Powder River Energy Corporation Vision Story

Northeast Wyoming

When the CEO of a rural electric cooperative in Wyoming wanted to convince his board, staff, and membership of his vision to reimagine the business of delivering power, he decided to tell a story. He hired me to create a series of fictional scenarios and snapshots of life for power customers in Northeast Wyoming once the vision had been achieved. Parts of this story were then translated into an animated video and used to engage internal and external stakeholders and build support for the new strategic vision.


CO2nnect 2018

Jackson Hole, WY

For the Carbon Capture Coalition’s inaugural CO2nnect conference, I was asked to moderate a panel of innovators and investors in emerging carbon utilization solutions and educate participants about what could be possible in carbon innovation.


2017 Student Energy Summit

Merida, Mexico

In 2017, the XPRIZE Foundation partnered with Student Energy, a global charity building the next generation of energy leaders, to put on a workshop as part of the biannual International Student Energy Summit. I helped to design an “energy personality quiz” that engaged attendees seeking to participate in the workshop and were later used in exercises and activities in during the session.


New York Times

Energy for Tomorrow

Paris, France

In 2016, Mission Innovation partnered with the XPRIZE Foundation to offer an interactive workshop at the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference focused on how to use the prize model as a tool to catalyze clean energy innovation. I designed and facilitated a full day workshop for over 40 energy ministers and staff from more than 20 countries that had committed to double government R&D funding for clean energy over five years as part of its commitment to the Paris climate agreement.


XPRIZE Visioneering

Los Angeles, CA

In 2016, I was chosen as Bold Innovator to lead a team in designing a desalination XPRIZE to be presented at the XPRIZE Visioneering Summit. Our team created an interactive experience for leaders in tech, philanthropy, business, and entertainment attending the summit to learn about the challenges of access to clean water around the globe and how a prize could incentivize new solutions.